Routine Fitness

Our story

Our story

I started Routine Fitness in the thick of COVID-19 because I found it so challenging to find a quality yoga mat that felt good on my sensitive skin and did not release harmful toxins in the environment. I was also tired of trying and 'breaking in' yoga mats that broke the bank - surely, there is a better workout mat out there that I do not have to rub salt on or break my back trying to wash in the bathtub (regrettably, I've done both...). 

After writing down all of my non negotiables (grippy, non-slip, machine washable, thick cushion support and highest level of eco-friendly certification to start with), I reached out to more than 50 yoga mat suppliers from all over the world. I will never forget the day when I found our supplier who listened and delivered on the product vision that started as a set of bullet points on my notebook. We have some fun product ideas and I cannot wait to share them with you soon ;)  

I believe that there are three things that can truly change someone's life - education, economic opportunity, and exercise (mind and body). It is truly my joy to start a brand in the fitness community as it can touch so many people's lives in such personal and positive ways. 

Thank you for stumbling upon our corner of the internet, and I invite you to check out our first ever Routine Fitness mat. If you have any questions or feedback, please free to reach out to me at! It's always a delight to hear from a member of our community.

Stay healthy, stay strong! 

— Soomin Hwang, 

Founder of Routine Fitness

San Francisco, CA